Is It Passion or Revenge? 

The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?


The sophomore novel in the book series is titled The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge? This novel was penned by Kevin M. Weeks in Chester, Georgia and published in January 2008.   Is It Passion or Revenge? is categorized as a crime fiction novel.  The main character Teco Jackson meets statuesque and quick-witted female Detective Hanae Troop, who Library Journal Book Reviewer Rollie Welch calls a “cops cop.” In addition, Kevin M. Weeks' love for stage performance and music shines through in this novel.   The setting of the story takes place in the Washington, D.C. area, to include P.G. County Maryland.

After reading the second book in the series, readers ask, “When is Teco Jackson coming to my town?”   Weeks commits that each novel in the series will take place in a major city across the globe.   For Weeks’ storytelling ability, he received the following award and recognition for The Street Life Series: Is It Passion or Revenge?

·                 2008 London Book Festival Award

·                 2008 Bestseller List

·                 National Best Books 2008 Awards Finalist

·                 2008 New York Book Festival, Honorable Mention

·                 2008 Beach Book Festival, Honorable Mention

·                 Conversation Book Club 2008 Top 50 List

Book Description

When the pieces of a masterfully crafted puzzle are scattered all over Washington D.C. and P.G. County Maryland, quick witted and statuesque D.C. Detective Hanae Troop must uncover who is responsible for leaving colorful deadly weapons at each crime scene. The killer, who goes by the name of The Paradox, is on a mission to murder D.C.’s #1 male exotic dancers, all for a personal vendetta that stretches all the way back to Philadelphia.

There is national attention because of a highly visible protest right in the middle of the U.S. Capitol lawn. For sure, the Feds are out to take over the case from D.C.’s Homicide Division. The outstanding reputation of the department rests on the shoulders of Detective Troop. Will she discover that the killings are tied to Teco Jackson, who is known as a snitch in the City of Brotherly Love? Or will Detective Troop find that these crimes stem from a jealous rage?

One thing is certain. Teco is wedged in the middle of the Chocolate City’s most infamous murders; and Detective Troop has to decide if she is going to cuff Teco or protect him. Ultimately, she finds herself in a strange predicament when she comes face to face with The Paradox. The question remains, are these crimes of passion or revenge?

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