Is It Rags or Riches?

The Street Life Series:
Is It Rags or Riches?

The third novel in the book series is titled The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? This novel was penned by Kevin M. Weeks in Chester, Georgia and published in October 2009.   Is It Rags or Riches? is categorized as a crime fiction novel. 

Book Description

As Washington, D.C.’s quick-witted Detective Hanae Troop crosses over the Georgia state line into historical Civil War territory, she must determine what new game the delusional serial killer, The Paradox, is now playing.  Not wanting her assistance, Atlanta Detective Paul Yeomans must come to terms with Detective Troop helping him protect the south’s “Phoenix City.”

Even though the Washington D.C. tabloids surmise that Teco Jackson was slain by The Paradox, the Feds are anxious to prove that Teco is still alive.  Feeling double-crossed, The Paradox elevates his deadly game to a new level by sabotaging anyone who has started a new life after leaving the Strictly Business (SB) drug crew.  For those determined to succeed despite the odds, is it rags or riches?

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