The Street Life Series:
Is It Suicide or Murder?


The debut novel in the book series is titled The Street Life Series: Is It Suicide or Murder?  This novel was penned by Kevin M. Weeks in Augusta, Georgia and published in September 2006.  Is It Suicide or Murder? is categorized as an urban fiction novel.  The setting takes place in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, to include Norristown and Conshohocken.  The main character Teco (pronounced Tçco) Jackson is introduced in this book.   Weeks recalls conjuring up the name Teco out of thin air while hoping that one day the name would become so popular that families would name their baby boys Teco.

A suburban reader, who was new to urban fiction, jokingly said, “Teco is bad, but I can’t put the novel down.” As a result of Kevin M. Weeks’ storytelling ability, he received the following awards and recognition for The Street Life Series: Is It Suicide or Murder?

·         2007 New York Book Festival Award

·         2007 Bestseller List

·         2007 Hollywood Book Festival, Honorable Mention

·         2007 Do It Yourself, Honorable Mention

·         2007 Conversation Book Club Best Kept Literary Secrets List

·         YOUnity Guild Best New Urban Breakout Author of 2006

Book Description

Teco Jackson joins the Strictly Business (SB) Crew and gets the alias Homicide from the SB Crew boss, Mujaheed Bashi Fiten. When Bashi promotes Homicide to be his right hand man, Homicide gets into a major power struggle with the only female and toughest SB Crew member, Gail Indigo Que, a.k.a. GQ. Living an eventful life from cars, women, and money seemed promising for Homicide until there is a major take down.

After getting out of jail, Homicide's mission is to find out where Bashi disappeared. Back on the streets of Philly, Homicide hears lots of talk about Bashi's whereabouts and the names of those who are involved. Will Homicide and GQ set aside their differences to discover the truth? Now Homicide is on a binge to find who snatched up his boss and to pay them back in a way that no one would ever think. The street life, is it suicide or murder?

Press Releases

The Street Life Series Named Winner in the 2007 New York Book Festival Awards

The Street Life Series by Kevin M. Weeks Tops African American Literary Reading List for 2007 Holiday Season

Hip Hop Journalism Association (HHJA) Invites Kevin M. Weeks to Showcase The Street Life Series at the HHJA Conference & Convention

Infini Literary Awards Announces The Street Life Series Novel in the Top 4 Finalists

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