Cast Interviews from “The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches?,” a chat with Paul Yeomans

We are back with supporting character and up and coming Atlanta, Georgia news reporter, Christa Hall, who is interviewing the cast of characters from the third (3rd) book in The Street Life Series titled Is It Rags or Riches?  The Street Life Series is penned by 2008 London Book Festival award winning author Kevin M. Weeks.  This crime fiction novel incorporates key elements of both urban fiction and crime fiction.

We now turn to Christa Hall who is sitting in the news studio at 190 Marietta St NW, in Atlanta Georgia.

Christa Hall:  We are here in the news studio with Atlanta Detective Paul Yeomans.  He hasn’t been with the Atlanta Police Department very long, and we are interested in knowing more about Paul’s character in the novel The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches?

Detective Yeomans, before we start, give us a few insights into main character Teco Jackson. He couldn’t share much with me in my interview with him on yesterday.

Detective Paul Yeomans:  Nice try Christa. Since Mr. Jackson is presumed dead, readers don’t know if he is alive and kicking. My lips are sealed.

Christa Hall:  Alright then, tell me about you.

Detective Paul Yeomans:  Well, I don’t like talking about myself much. Let’s see.  First, out of all of the characters in the novel, I was chosen to be on the  book cover of Is It Rags or Riches?   That’s me in my signature brown jacket.  When I’m first introduced in the story, the writer, Kevin M. Weeks, sums me up pretty well.  I’d describe myself as a clean cut, hard working investigator, who is determined in gathering as much evidence as possible in every case.

Christa Hall:  That is quite admirable. Why should readers, not only in Atlanta but in other areas, care about you as a character in The Street Life Series?

Detective Paul Yeomans:  I not only like catching the bad guys, but also am obligated in keeping citizens safe.  In the story, I have to accept the fact that I’m working on a multi-jurisdiction crime case and that I need to play ball with detectives from police departments in other states.  In case you haven’t noticed, the world is getting more connected.  It’s going to take people like me to get on board and make things happen.  I don’t mean to get into the north versus south stereotypes, but the writer, Kevin M. Weeks, is taking me out of my comfort zone.

Christa Hall:  Oh really, I trust that your character fared well in the story.  Tell me, what do you enjoy most about portraying the character of Paul Yeomans?

Detective Paul Yeomans:  When the writer, Kevin M. Weeks, first conjured up my character, I said, “Here we go again with another cop-bashing story.”  But to my surprise, Kevin M. Weeks keeps it real.  His balance between the detective I want the public to see and the person I am are conveyed fairly.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge about Atlanta and hope readers get a glimpse into the new south from my vantage point since the publication of the Gone with the Wind novel by Margaret Mitchell, author extraordinaire.

Christa Hall:  As an Atlanta resident, that is my hope too.  This has been a very enlightening interview with Atlanta Detective Paul Yeomans.  Tune in tomorrow, when we interview Washington, D.C. female Detective Hanae Troop, who Book Reviewer Rollie Welch from the Library Journal calls a “cops cop.”  Until next time . . .

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The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? by Kevin M. Weeks

The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? by Kevin M. Weeks


The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? 

ISBN: 9781441566218

Coming December 2009

As Washington, D.C.’s quick-witted Detective Hanae Troop crosses over the Georgia state line into historical Civil War territory, she must determine what new game the delusional serial killer, The Paradox, is now playing.  Not wanting her assistance, Atlanta Detective Paul Yeomans must come to terms with Detective Troop helping him protect the south’s “Phoenix City.”

Even though the Washington D.C. tabloids surmise that Teco Jackson was slain by The Paradox, the Feds are anxious to prove that Teco is still alive.  Feeling double-crossed, The Paradox elevates his deadly game to a new level by sabotaging anyone who has started a new life by leaving the Strictly Business (SB) drug crew.  For those determined to succeed despite the odds, is it rags or riches?

Note: Cast Interviews are fictitious and are designed to introduce you to the main characters in Is It Rags or Riches?.

Note: Cast Interviews are fictitious and are designed to ***introduce you to the main characters in The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? by Kevin M. Weeks.***

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