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1936 renowned author Margaret Mitchell and 2009 Kevin M. Weeks’ fictional character Gail Indigo Que, a time for modern day miracles

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

by Ann DeWitt

Believe it or not, there is fundamental rational why Margaret Mitchell is highlighted during the 2010 Black History month theme of economic empowerment. After Kevin M. Weeks penned the second novel (Is It Passion or Revenge?) in The Street Life Series, one book critic stated that it is not plausible for Kevin M. Weeks’ fictional female character Gail Indigo Que to leave prison and be discovered by a famous fashion designer.  With 14.8 million people unemployed in this country, I am elated to state that Kevin M. Weeks is one author who still includes a storyline of modern day miracles.  When times are tough, we all need sources of inspiration.

So, why was Margaret Mitchell selected?  Kevin M. Weeks wanted a real life example in his third novel (Is It Rags or Riches?) of an historical person with parallel sucess to his fictional character Gail Indigo Que.  Since the setting of the third book is in Atlanta, Georgia, Weeks did not have to look far.  In the 1930’s, a publisher came to Atlanta, Georgia to sign a writer.  When the publisher heard of Margaret Mitchell’s novel, she (Margaret Mitchell) was discovered.   By the end of the 20th century over 25 million copies of Gone With the Wind were sold as well as translated into over 27 languages. Margaret Mitchell’s real life story provides a source of hope for Kevin M. Week’s fictional character Gail Indigo Que in the novel Is It Rags or Riches?

Therefore, Kevin M. Weeks intertwined Margaret Mitchell’s sudden personal success into the storyline for Gail Indigo Que, who is discovered by a Paris fashion designer.  You will have to read the novel (Is It Rags or Riches?) to find out how Kevin M. Weeks accomplishes this feat.  One reader states to Kevin M. Weeks in a letter, “You inspire me in many ways that it’s still possible to pursue my dreams in the worst situations in life.” This is a testament to Weeks’ personal drive and spirit to let the world know that the time does come for modern day miracles.

Highlighting the good in humanity, Ann

Photos of Margaret Mitchell and Kevin M Weeks

Photos of Margaret Mitchell and Kevin M Weeks

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