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Teco Jackson doesn’t sag, a Kevin M. Weeks pet peeve

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

by Ann DeWitt

When you interview Kevin M. Weeks, writer of The Street Life Series, and you ask him one of his pet peeves, he is going to tell you that he doesn’t like sagging pants.  People who have known him for years state that his personal style of dress is a cross between Sean Combs’ business wear and Brooks Brothers.  Therefore, not even his main character Teco Jackson, who is from the streets, sags in the book series. Many agree with Mr. Weeks.

When I first heard the song “Pants on the Ground” by American idol Season 9 General Larry Platt, I shook my head.  Those who stress over this 13+ year sagging craze are missing the underlying issues.

Issue 1:  Boys grow fast!  As a parent of a son who was 6 foot tall in middle school, I could not find readymade and available pants 28 (waist) x 34 (length).  So, parents of the big and/or tall middle school boy have to buy the 32 x 34 pants if you can find them. The end result, our sons get adjusted to wearing pants with a lot of room at an early age.  Also, parents are not going to have the pants altered because we say that the boys are going to grow into the pants.  Unfortunately for parents like me – what really happens – as my son tells me – the sagging pants become comfortable to wear.

Issue 2:  Every generation has their version of rebellion.  If you stop and ask General Larry Platt about the “streaking craze” from his youth, I think you will find out that the parents during that time sang, “put back on your clothes fool.”  (LOL)  I remember sitting in the High School football stands in a small town and watching a lady streak across the football field.

Issue 3:  The prison sagging story has become an old wives tale and is wasted breath to a teenage boy.  Bottom line, the rappers wanted to make a statement.  They were not getting the radio or television airplay they wanted so someone came up with a brilliant marketing idea of sagging pants . . . as if they were carrying.  (I’ll let you decide what the real gangsters carry.)  However, having a global following of teenage boys and young adult men all walking around sagging brings power to the rap artist . . . and power brings money.  For the teenager, it became a joint statement of “you ignored my culture before, but you see me now.”  I’m just keeping it real.

Issue 4:  Sagging for years has created yet another issue. The boys play sports after school . . . so they wear gym shorts under their jeans.  After school is over . . . they slip off their jeans and hit the court or field.  Having shorts under jeans is very convenient because cities have cut spending on neighborhood recreation centers; and for many teenage boys, they are not going to come home first in order to change clothes before they play ball in the streets.

Solution: Focus on what really matters . . . education.  Transferring state funding back to schools, the arts, and local recreation centers should be a top priority.  Finding a fashion designer who cares about the middle school big and tall boy is icing on the cake.

As for a book character who travels across the globe and talks to people in order to solve mysteries, Teco Jackson would not criticize but actually find out the root cause of the issue. This is the major benefit of “jetting through the streets with Teco Jackson.”  Pick up your copy of the book series today.

Highlighting good in humanity, Ann

The Street Life Series by Kevin M. Weeks

The Street Life Series by Kevin M. Weeks