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1936 Margaret Mitchell’s Big Sam and 2009 Kevin M. Weeks’ Paul Yeomans, a truth not for the faint of hear

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

by Ann DeWitt

When I speak to several fans of renowned author Margaret Mitchell, they will immediately tell me that Gone With the Wind is not about race, but the novel is about documenting an historical account of the experiences during the Civil War.  Perhaps this is why Gone With the Wind is listed as an American Classic.

If we measure Kevin M. Weeks’ novel (Is It Rags or Riches?) with the same yardstick, Kevin M. Weeks’ readers will also tell you that the novel is not solely about urban life, but captures the 21st century lifestyle and culture of the different groups and contingencies who play a major role in the War on Drugs.

In fact, I believe that Margaret Mitchell created Big Sam’s slave character in order to capture an important post-Civil War fact.  Big Sam was emancipated into poverty. Margaret Mitchell documents this account when Big Sam saves Scarlett O’Hara from the thugs and vandals in the latter part of Gone With the Wind.  If there were an 1865 comprehensive government survival plan after emancipation, Margaret Mitchell would have written about Big Sam going up north and sitting down with Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass to discuss the evacuation plan for southern slaves.  Bottom line, Post-Civil War Big Sam was left uneducated, penniless and homeless – one of the root causes of the African American economic struggle – a truth not for the faint of heart.

Conversely, this is why Kevin M. Weeks created Paul Yeomans’ character in The Street Life Series: Is It Rags or Riches? Paul Yeomans’ character symbolizes unity.  This is a time when everyone comes together as one nation. In The Street Life Series, there is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working with Washington, D.C. working with Atlanta, Georgia. Ultimately, Kevin M. Weeks’ multi-jurisdictional and diverse law enforcement team finds solutions through unity.  For instance, Weeks documents the law enforcement team’s synergy as they dine at The Beautiful Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia – all historical accounts of the 21st century.

Highlighting the good in humanity, Ann

:Mitchell's Gone with the Wind and Kevin M. Weeks' Is It Rags or Riches?::

:Mitchell's Gone with the Wind and Kevin M. Weeks' Is It Rags or Riches?::

Note: “Gone With the Wind” its character names and elements are trademarks of. Turner Entertainment Co. and the Stephens Mitchell Trusts. “The Street Life Series” is a trademark of Kevin M. Weeks.